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Living in L.A I volunteered with a local Dog Groomer driving around Beverly Hills. Washing and grooming dogs in the driveways of people like Stephen Speilbergs house.

Living in Thailand for many months, I wanted to get to know the culture and the reason for the use of wild animals for tourists. There were a lot of shocking discoveries. Tiger Temple was extremely shocking to see with all the tigers being used to make money. You can see some of the images from Tiger Temple in my gallery. I also spent a lot of my time at dog shelters. As well as a lot of street dogs, there are a lot of cared for dogs in Thailand. I spent months volunteering at the homeless dog shelters, helping wash, feed and care for.

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The last stop on my travels was New York and wouldn't have been worth it without a visit to the local cat and dog shelters.

A short visit in the city of Sydney resulted in visits to local cat and dog shelters.

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Costa Rica was the hardest stint of the travel. 3 months spent on an island with no electricity and no communication with the outside world. Poachers, fishing nets, pollution and other threats are the cause of an alarming decline in turtles hatching on the beach. The 9 km of beach was covered on foot everyday. The turtle conservation program is in danger, for it has no protection whatsoever. As a conservation volunteer I played a very important role in changing this situation for the turtles of Costa Rica. We were an imperative part in the hatching process. I spent many nights face down in the sand, in the rain, collecting eggs from a 1 ton Leatherback Turtle. A 24 hour watch on the hatching eggs was also kept to protect them from poachers and pray. It was all worth seeing when the baby turtles finally hatched and made their way into the sea for their incredible 150 year life span. Please see my gallery.

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My time in New Zealand was spent helping local families. I exercised horses, milked cows and fed small farm animals.

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Working as a volunteer on a nature reserve in South Africa gave me exclusive exposure to the challenges which endangered animals face in the wild. I worked with the anti poaching team and the police; dissecting a poached Rhino trying to find the bullet which killed him. I worked with a world renown vet; rescuing a pregnant antipope which had a
​still new born stuck. Monitoring of hyenas, new release of wilder beast and zebras into the wild, raised a baby Caracal by hand. The list is endless! Please see the certificate at the bottom of the page for my full list of training at the conservation. There are also images in my gallery.

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Katie's Pet Services has been established and running strong for 5 years and is a recognised and registered company with Brighton and Hove Council. The Pet Services was created after leaving a career in Graphic Design to follow my passion. The journey began with a years travel around the world. Working my way round from country to country, working with charities, vets, scientists and volunteers ensuring the safety and survival
​of animals in need and endangered species at 10 destinations in 8 countries. 

Spending my day taking care of pets (and family) gives me a stupendous amount of job satisfaction. It's not just a job but a way of life. I have a deep connection with animals and believe that I give them just as much joy in their day as much as they give me. 

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Living in Argentina, I conducted research into endangered leopards and lions in conjunction with a local U.K charity. 

A 3 month stay in Louisiana was by far my favourite part of my trip. I worked on an Arabian horse farm; mucking out, exercising, training fowls, injecting medicine, helping with artificial insemination and preparing for shows. I also helped out at an award winning koi farm which was part of the horse farm. Cleaning out a pond I trod on an alligator, put it in the back of the truck and drove him down the the Levi! Please see my gallery.

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Having worked at one of the UK's leading pet stores I regularly attended training courses. I am nutritionally trained and have years of experience with animal behaviour. Training courses included:


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A short visit to Nicaragua resulted in visits to local dog shelters.

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